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Gate Safety Mechanisms

Gate Safety Mechanisms
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Anytime you have visitors to your home, you want to make sure they arrive safely and leave safely. One way is to make sure your driveway gate sensor is properly installed and functioning. Ensuring that it is will eliminate the possibility of anything happening as a result of a malfunctioning gate. A gates sensor allows it to close or open, and remain in position, for as long as it takes a car to get in and out. Without a sensor or detection devise installed on your gate, you will need a keypad. Your guests then will need to enter a code in order to get in and out of your gate. If you don’t have a keypad, you may have to use a remote control device to let guests out. This might even require that you go to the gate to actually operate the gate. All of this can be a real inconvenience to you.

Vehicle Detection Mechanisms

Gate Safety MechanismsWhen you have a gate installed, there are generally two types of mechanisms installed that will be able to detect when a car is approaching, a vehicle motion probes and vehicle detection loops. These help you to safely move in and out of your gate without the gate closing to soon or taking too long before it opens.

Vehicle Motion Probes

These sensors detect whenever a vehicle has approached and opens. No remote or code is required to enter through the gate. You are able to easily enter through the s upon arrival. The most important thing to remember about the vehicle motion probe devices you use is that they must be in good condition to continue working properly. Make sure you are having routine maintenance on your sensors to ensure they are always working when you need them to.

Vehicle Detection Loop

This may be a bit more complicated than a basic motion probe. There are several types, such as reverse and hold loops. The reverse loop is activated when something interrupts with the gate's path while it closes. The hold loop keeps the gate open so that the vehicle can safely depart. Consult with one of our trained professionals about the type of sensor that will work best for your gate.

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